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10.00 – Ready to go!

The bags are packed and Remco and Guus are ready to go to the beach. It’s a beautiful day and Remco brings his iPhone to take pictures.

Before leaving he downloads the Tiny Tale App and registers his own account.

Screenshot app-store on iphone
Screenshot register on iphone

10.05 – Setting up Tiny Tale

Remco starts by adding a new Child under “Children” in the Main Menu. He attaches a picture of Guus and fills out the necessary data such as his Name and Birthdate. Pictures of Guus can now be posted on his own timeline.

Remco also adds a special ‘highlight’ for today: “A Day at the Beach”.

Screenshot add-kid on iphone
Screenshot add-highlight on iphone

10.10 – Meet Sonja

Sonja is Guus’ Mother, who uses an Android phone. Unfortunately she can’t join her two boys on their outing today, but nevertheless she can still share in their adventures via Tiny Tale.

Remco invites Sonja to be his partner and hence the two them can now share their son’s timeline. Remco then invites his mother to his ‘inner circle’ and she too can see and post on Guus’ timeline.

Screenshot inner-circle on android
Screenshot timeline on android

12:00 – Photo time

Remco and Guus have a wonderful day together and Remco records the day by taking some photos and videos with the Tiny Tale app.

Screenshot video on iphone-hand

12.10 – Share it…

Remco wants to share the day spent with his son with Sonja. He simply posts the captured moments he likes most on the timeline of Guus, under the highlight “A day at the Beach”

He also shares a memorable quote by Guus on his timeline - “Daddy, please give me a big hug to make me happy”.

Screenshot post-photo on iphone
Screenshot post-quote on iphone

13.00 – Sonja participates

Sonja is working at home and sees the notifications of Remco’s new posts. She views “The Day at the Beach” on her Android phone.

She “loves” the picture and writes a comment. “It’s obvious my two men are having a great day!”.

Screenshot notifications on android
Screenshot post-love on android

14.10 – Guus’ Grandmother responds too!

Guus’ Grandmother is logged into her Tiny Tale account on her computer and posts a comment: “what a wonderful boy, when is he coming to stay”.

Tiny Tale is this simple to use! Remco, Sonja and Guus’ Grandmother have jointly experienced the lovely day at the beach!

Screenshot post-comment on macbookpro

19.15 – Sonja and Guus recapture

Sonja and Guus are sitting at home with their tablet and view the latest comments his Grandmother has posted. Guus tells his mother all about his beach day adding his own comments to the pictures.

Remco joins them later and together they recapture their lovely Tiny Tale moments at the beach.

Screenshot timeline-desktop on ipad
  • iPhone (iOS 7.0+), Android (4.0.3+) and web
  • You decide who participates in telling your kids’ story
  • Photos, videos, quotes, stories & comments
  • All your content is held in a private environment
  • The kids are the key elements
  • Keep up with all posts through notifications

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