Tiny Tale Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how we go about the information we obtain about the users of the services and the products from Tiny Tale. The Webapp Tiny Tale is meant for saving and sharing private photos, videos, drawings, story’s (e.g. content) about your kids. The client is in control of his content: you determine with whom and how you share your private content.

Ownership of content

Tiny Tale will never use or sell your content. You and you alone own your content! You decide what you do with your content. The content you upload can be moderated, exported and removed by you. At any given time you can remove your account and the associated content. In that way Tiny Tale wants to ensure your privacy and your children’s as well as possible.

Personal information

The data we ask you when you start a Tiny Tale account is used by us to enable you to use Tiny Tale and for sending updates and information about our services and products. You can disable the last option in your account settings. We will also use this information to improve our products and to enhance our service.

For a subscription at Tiny Tale or when you order a product like a photobook we only ask you the data we need to process your order.

Sharing information


You only share your content with your permission. You can give your permission by inviting family or friends you give access to your content. Or you can share your content via social media.

Personal information

Tiny Tale will never share or sale personal information gained through your Tiny Tale account that can be linked with individual users to third parties, unless we have asked and obtained your express consent. In order to fulfill payments we only share this information with a third party to enable us to provide the service. Tiny Tale has no control over personal information you share through our service with social media channels.

Non-personal information

Non-personal identifiable information can be used for (for example) a demographic analysis or to make an overview of other characteristics of our users. This information can be shared with third parties.

Information from third parties

When you make a link to a service from a third party, like Facebook, it is possible that we collect and store personal information and data you provided to this particular third party. This is the case when you agreed with this third party service to share your information with services like Tiny Tale.


To improve our services we use cookies. The cookies are used to recognize your browser with a following visit and to get a better understanding how users process the services of Tiny Tale. We also use third party services to automatically gain information about the type of browser, the origin and the device that is used.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

When there are changes in the privacy policy this page will be adjusted. You can find the newest version on our website and in the most recent version of our App.


Tiny Tale tries to protect your personal information the best we can against misuse or unauthorized use. It is however good to realize that no internet transaction is completely safe or free of mistakes. This is particularly the case with e-mail interaction.

Make sure your password is properly protected, so third parties don’t have access to your account. Don’t forget to log out of you account when other persons have access to your computer. That way you ensure to secure your information the best you can.


If you have any questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to contact us at:


Version 1.0: september 20 2013