This is a short list of frequently asked questions. If you have any other quesstions, please contact us via support@tinytale.com.

1. About Tiny Tale

1.1 What is Tiny Tale?

With Tiny Tale you can easily save and share photos, films and anecdotes of your children. Photos and comments of family members make it a safe and private photo diary to share - only visible to family and the people you choose to invite. Experience the story of your children’s lives together.

1.2 How does it work?

Parents can create one private account solitary or together. In this account you simply add your kids and you’re ready to start building your kids’ story. Upload photos, videos, drawings or texts from your kids. The App automatically places your content in chronological order, thus creating a beautiful overview of your kids’ youth.

Sharing that big smile with the grandparents? No Problem, simply invite them. Off course other members of the family or friends are welcome to look at the photo’s and place comments, you decide who you invite!¬†For further information check out our Tourpage.

1.3 What’s the story behind Tiny Tale?

The inventor of Tiny Tale, a father of two young children himself had lost (after years of storing films and photos) the overall view and he found himself wanting to be able to save all these memories in one place. A place where grandparents could see all these beautiful moments of their grandchildren as well.

He searches to find a way but is not satisfied, the possibilities he finds are too big, not personal enough, not safe enough and even too complicated! This is put to the back of his mind until one day he visits his parent’s house, who are busy sorting through old pictures and photos in books and shoeboxes. The stories behind these pictures triggers a wonderful idea in his head; why not create a digital variant of a photo book that is also easily accessible for grandparents.

Tiny tale is born!

But Merlijn wants more than just saving and sharing his pictures. He has a clear vision of what he wants, his wish is to enable interaction between families and loved ones. To communicate with each other about their children’s lives especially capturing moments, anecdotes and quotes. So together you can build and live the story of your children in chronological order, eventually making it into an old fashioned photo book 1.0 in a snap.

1.4 Why use Tiny Tale?

  • Tiny Tale makes it easy to share your kids’ moments with family.
  • Tiny Tale makes it very easy to save all the special moments of your kids in a beautiful overview.
  • Comments and posts of family and friends add a special and fun dimension.
  • You can always change, delete or export your content.
  • You decide with whom you share your children’s photos and videos.
  • It’s a fun and special gift to you and your children, now and in the future.

1.5 What devices are fit to use Tiny Tale?

1.6 How do I start using Tiny Tale?

It’s very easy to start your account. Take the first step, and register with Tiny Tale. Or have a look at all possibilities by visiting our Tourpage.

2. Types of content

2.1 What kind of content can I place on Tiny Tale?

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Quotes
  • Any cute story about your children
  • Comments and hearts

2.2 What is the maximum size of videos?

At this moment the following video uploading restrictions occur:

  • iOS: up to 45 seconds
  • Android: up to 12 MB in filesize

Tiny Tale does not impose limits on videos hosted at Youtube or Vimeo.

3. Managing content

3.1 Can I subdivide my content?

Yes, Tiny Tale offers the possibility to create your own Highlights eg; all the photos and videos of their first birthday in one Highlight. Tiny Tale saves all your content in chronological order automatically and in an easy and structured format. You can find an example of how to use Highlights on our Tourpage.

3.2 Can I adjust my content?

Yes, everything you upload can be altered.

3.3 Can I delete my content?

Yes, you can always delete the content you place on Tiny Tale. Just select the post and then click delete.

3.4 Can I export my material?

Yes, it is possible to download all the material you uploaded on Tiny Tale via the website. Log in to your account, select your name and go to settings. Select export download and your content will be exported. Everything is in chronological order.

4. Sharing your content

4.1 With whom can I share my content?

You decide who you want to invite to see your account. These followers will be notified (if they wish) when you put a new post on your account. You choose what your followers are able to do on your kids’ timeline; add comments only or upload photos and videos as well.

4.2 How do I invite people to follow my kids?

In the application you choose the option ‘Inner circle’. Add the e-mail address of the person you wish to invite. They receive an e-mail with instructions that enables them to follow your kids timeline.

4.3 Can I un-invite the people that follow my kids?

You can un-invite people by selecting them in your inner circle and selecting the option ‘deny access’.

4.4 Can I share my content with third parties like Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, you can do that by selecting the checkbox Facebook or Twitter when you upload a photo or video.

5. Privacy & safety

5.1 Who owns the content I upload?

You are the sole owner of your account. Tiny tale will never use your content for any other purpose. For more information also check out our Privacy Policy.

5.2 Does Tiny Tale store my content in a safe manner?

Tiny Tale does everything possible to store your content in the safest manner. For more information also check out our Privacy Policy.

5.3 Are my personal records anonymous?

Your personal records will stay anonymous unless we are obliged by law to release this information. For more information also check out our Privacy Policy.

5.4 What happens if I delete my Tiny Tale account?

Of course we hope you enjoy it so much that you will stay. But you can always terminate your account, before you terminate it you can export your content. After termination the account and the content is deleted from Tiny Tale.

6. Payment

6.1 Can I use Tiny Tale for free?

The use of Tiny Tale is free of charge forever for the first 10.000 accounts!

7. Have a great idea?

7.1 I have a great idea, can I share it with you?

Yes, we’d love to hear your new ideas! Just email us at: feedback@tinytale.com

8. Do you need any help?

8.1 I don’t know what to do, can you help me?

If the application doesn’t work properly or something is unclear, send your email to: support@tinytale.com

We endeavour to answer all your questions within 48 hours.